Housekeeper Monaco, France

We carefully select housekeepers in France. Our own database contains verified candidates aged 25 to 55 who can work on a schedule that suits you, providing comfort and coziness in your home.


Our agency offers reliable housekeepers in Monaco, France

We will select a candidate according to your requirements, which will be:

perform high-quality home care tasks (surface and general cleaning, timely replacement, washing, ironing, etc.);
conscientiously treat all their duties;
be sensitive and respectful when dealing with employers;
observe subordination and maintain confidentiality.

If necessary (at your request), selected candidates can provide additional services for cooking, table setting, wardrobe care, house plants or animals.


What kind of housekeepers in Monaco, France does our agency provide?

A personal base of experienced candidates and our own school of housekeepers allows us to provide only professional workers. The recruitment process takes a minimum of time. All housekeepers aged between 25 and 55 with work experience, with EU documents or biometric passports.

Our specialists conduct personal interviews with candidates: they evaluate work experience, competence, determine the employee motivation, weaknesses and strengths of the personality, clarify the availability of recommendations, and the reasons for changing jobs. Applicants are required to undergo a medical examination. At the request of the client, we conduct an additional polygraph test.

Working hours of live-in family housekeepers

With us, you can find a housekeeper abroad, in any country, with a convenient work schedule for you:

You can discuss your schedule with the chosen candidate in person. One day off per week is mandatory.

Professionalism and other qualities for which our customers trust us.

Our agency has been recruiting live-in housekeepers and other staff since 2010. We work with VIP clients from the UAE, USA and Europe. We have learned how to find suitable specialists for the highest requirements. Having your database helps you get five or more resumes of candidates meeting your wishes in 1-2 days.

We guarantee a free replacement for 12 months. The database contains professional housekeepers with EU documents and a biometric passport with a work permit. We help to prepare documents and coordinate the staff's departure to the place of work.


Cost of services of a live-in housekeeper.

Individual approach to clients and competitive pricing allow us to provide favourable conditions for cooperation. On average, the cost of live-in housekeeper's services is from 1500 to 2500 euros per month. The price depends on the work and duties amount, requirements of the employer, availability of specific functions and working conditions. You can find out the exact cost by calling or leaving an application form on our website - we will send a resume of candidates with the expected salary.