Find a Nanny in Dubai

A live-in nanny in Dubai is a person who takes care of all the hassle and daily routine. She provides the child with safety and ensures he is always comfortable. The nanny supervises the child makes lessons and helps him learn new. She is engaged in his comprehensive physical and intellectual development. Therefore, there are many requirements for a nanny for a child - experience, competencies, education, and personal and professional qualities. But we are sure we will find you a candidate who will fit your idea of an ideal nanny.


The duties of a nanny for a child in the UAE

Some of the main tasks of a live-in nanny include:

hygiene procedures – the nanny bathes the child, makes sure that he brushes his teeth, control the freshness of clothes;
prepares meals and feeds the child by the doctor’s recommendations or the parents’ wishes on the menu;
ensures the safety of the child, accompanies him everywhere and does not leave him unsupervised for a single minute;
is involved in the child’s all-round development and chooses activities according to the child’s age and personality;
keeps the room clean, washes clothes and does the dishes;
helps with homework;
organizes recreational activities.

These are just some of the tasks with which the nanny will help parents. You can discuss additional requirements when signing the contract.


What kind of nannies do we choose for abroad?

Increased requirements for candidates and the presence of our own database allow us to select only true professionals for VIP clients. All nannies have at least five years of experience and higher medical or pedagogical education. They speak foreign languages and specialize in narrow categories: music, sports, literature or drawing. A mandatory requirement for nannies is a well-delivered speech and a pleasant appearance. All nannies have EU documents or a biometric passport. We will help you find:

Understands the intricacies of caring for newborns, providing them with care, safety, feeding, daily routine and hygiene.

Childcare professionals. Carry out age development and study of the surrounding world.

These are nannies for children from 3 to 12 years old, whose main profile is helping a child study, obtaining special knowledge and unlocking their potential.

In each case, the requirements and wishes of the employer are taken into account.

Operating mode

A live-in nanny can work according to the following schedule:

A detailed work schedule and the number of days off can be discussed individually with the selected candidate.

Why do clients trust us to choose a nanny?

We have been selecting nannies for a child since 2010, working with VIP clients from the UAE, the USA and Europe. In each specific case, we manage to achieve a positive result - we choose a nanny from a personal database in which there are only verified candidates. To be sure your child is safe, we check: work experience, authenticity of references, no criminal record, mental state. There are only those for whom the work of a nanny is not a job but a vocation.

There is a person with EU documents and a biometric passport with a work permit among the candidates. We coordinate the departure of the candidate for work. All you have to do is meet the nanny at the specified time.


Cost of nanny services for the child

Individual approach to each client allows us to achieve optimal conditions of cooperation. The average cost of services is from 1700 to 3500 euros. The price depends on the nanny's qualifications, experience, list of responsibilities and work schedule. Always ready to choose a suitable specialist, taking into account your requirements. You just need to call or leave a request on the site.