The live-in couple is an all-in-one household staff

A domestic couple living abroad is a unique domestic staff capable of taking on life-support responsibilities at home. They replace the housekeeper, nanny, gardener and housekeeper, providing full-fledged care for the house. You get a well-coordinated team of two people who work towards a common goal and have learned to understand each other without words.


What are the functions of a live-in domestic couple?

Domestic couples for work abroad perform a full range of housework. A man performs maintenance, care of the garden and green spaces, helps his wife with hard work, solves household issues and performs various assignments from employers.

A woman cleans the house, takes care of the wardrobe, prepares food, takes care of pets, looks after children, makes a shopping plan, etc. The list of duties can be supplemented. A married couple does not have to hire several separate specialists, which increases the privacy of the family.


What domestic couples for work abroad do we select for clients?

Agency specialists select couples that fully meet the requirements and wishes of the client. The selection is carried out on a personal base, which candidates get after checking their working qualities, recommendations, psychological state, and education. At the request of the customer, we carry out an additional check through a polygraph.

All documents are checked for authenticity. In case of any special requirements from the employer, additional training of employees is carried out. Mandatory experience in a similar position in families. This will ensure that the couple will be able to cope with the tasks at a high level.


Domestic couples for work abroad from our agency have the following schedule:

One day off per week is compulsory. The timetable can vary - everything is discussed individually between the employer and the employee.

Why do clients choose us?

Since 2010, we have been recruiting domestic staff for VIP clients from Europe, the USA and the UAE. The experience and professionalism of the employees make it possible to find a married couple that will meet the most stringent requirements. We select only from our database with a 12-month replacement guarantee.

The database contains Ukrainian family databases with a biometric passport and work permit, as well as married couples with EU citizenship - it all depends on your wishes. We will be able to provide you with up to 5 candidates in a few days, among which you are guaranteed to find a suitable solution individually for yourself


Service cost

Individual approach and competitive pricing allow us to offer favourable conditions of cooperation. The cost of services varies from 1,700 to 3,500 euros. The exact price is discussed separately and may depend on experience, qualification, schedule and other conditions. You just need to call or leave a request on the site.